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I have been a customer with Hair In Vogue for almost 4 years. Linda is meticulous at designing hair extensions and hair pieces that are a perfect match in color and texture. She spends an extensive amount of time ascertaining the career goals and lifestyles of her customers in order to design pieces that complement each customer’s unique personality and look. I have coarse, wavy hair that proved a challenge to match. Linda took great precaution to blend and weave a hair extension that perfectly matched my hair color and texture. I was absolutely shocked at how completely natural and authentic the piece looked. It was impossible to tell the difference between my real hair and extension hair. I highly recommend Hair In Vogue to anyone who is looking to explore new hair style options. Linda is not only a leading expert in hair extensions but also a true perfectionist in her craft. Andrea K.

Love this salon! Linda does amazing work and truly is an artist in everything she does.
This salon is the best of the west side. I love this place. Brooke H.

Let me tell you what a difference this piece has made in my life. People now notice me. People now are friendly to me. Before no one saw me. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. Men look at me, women look at me, people approach me. I am 60 years old and for the first time in my life I am seen. My skin went from looking drab to vibrant; my eyes from dull to twinkling. I wish I had discovered this 40 years ago. What a life changing experience this has been. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Judy K.

I have been through chemo which caused my hair to thin. I thought I would have to get a wig but after the consultation decided on an integration piece. I was impressed with the amount of time Linda spent with me, creating the design. It was obvious she knows what she is doing and cares. She is sincere, professional and very accommodating. I am very happy with my choice – it feels like me, a part of myself. I receive compliments all the time. I highly recommend Hair In Vogue to others in my situation. Susan L.

Linda has been my hairstylist since 2004...she’s terrific, she does my color and my cut for me and my whole family! I will Always go to Linda...I most recently got my hair extensions and they are fabulous, the hair itself is amazing. Shiny, soft, and beautiful...even my husband can’t tell that it is not my real hair! I recommend Hair In Vogue to all my friends! Kathy R.

I have been coming here for three years and my appearance due to my color and style has afforded me a better position in the business world, and increased my networking and self esteem. Ed C.

I came to Hair In Vogue with destroyed broken hair from a bad extension job. Linda recommended a different method of extension for me. I paid half of what I used to pay and look better with this hair than I ever looked before. It is such a relief to know my hair is not being damaged anymore. When I come to reattach my extensions, my own hair looks better and better. The best part is I can keep wearing extensions. I was scared I was going to have to stop. I love my hair! Great service. Great prices. Lisa C.

LINDA IS A GODDESS! What beauty treatment have I EVER had that I can say this about; after nine hours (poor darlings) in her chair, my life has been completely changed!! I went in with the leftover remains of a bad henna disaster, GREEN, sad, multilayered, SHORT ugly hair that made me look like a soccer mom when I am anything but...still happily single and need to look hot! I have been SO depressed from my bad hair...I never thought I could find anyone to do realistic looking extensions on me because my hair is SUPER thick and coarse, short now and every time I had gotten extensions before I had a mullet/mushroom head effect with very bad stringy looking hair poking out long underneath my quite obvious natural hair above it. And I went to some people before that do movie stars, etc! And they stank! And gave me bad quality hair – after one or two washes (after paying thousands of dollars) the hair was stringy. NOT WITH LINDA!!! I LOVE HER. The easiest way to describe what she did for me is to describe a morning in my life after she did my hair – I went to breakfast in Malibu, saw (a famous cute surfer) who is an old surfing buddy, he did not recognize me, but was CHECKING ME OUT! All through breakfast...ok and then the waitress, who has been serving me for over ten years said “YOU SHOULD WEAR YOUR HAIR DOWN MORE OFTEN, IT LOOKS SO PRETTY!” They look so natural no one had any idea they aren’t my own! I keep getting compliments on my hair!! And men stare at me, and I get honked at when I walk my dogs on PCH...this is so much fun I can’t even tell you. I am never taking these extensions out!!! She is really an artist, and she makes sure you have the best quality hair – I love this hair, and wish I could find whoever grew it to hug them...It is such beautiful quality, and I feel so sexy and radiant and happy! Go to Linda!!! Don’t even bother going anywhere else!!! She is a true perfectionist and an artist and a beautiful human being, thank you Linda. Linda is an incredible colorist and these extensions – I feel like I’ve started my life over! Christina K.

About two years ago Linda hired me to work on her website. As I laid out the “before” and “after” images I thought hummm if she can do this for me she can have my head forever. And it happened Linda Leigh cut my hair short and gave me blue extensions. I was a little nervous at the beginning because I am always on the run and have not patience styling my hair, but what Linda did for me is perfect. All I have to do is to shampoo and blow dry my hair-- I don’t need to style. This is like a dream come true. Judy L.

My hair became so thin I saw my scalp showing so I began wearing hats all the time. I decided to invest in a hairpiece. I am 65 years old and for the first time in my life I now love my hair. It feels natural like it is my hair and very comfortable -- I do not feel I have anything on my head -- makes me feel great about myself again. I have purchased several hairpieces and am delighted with each one. It is fun to have different looks, one I scrunch up and wear wavy; another straight and sleek, another is an up-do. It is so easy to put on and in minutes look fabulous. I loved having them on my cruise. This has been the best gift I have ever given myself. Manya S.

Linda is a complete artist. The way she transformed my hair is like magic. I went in with little hair and a few hours later I look beautiful. I am so happy. The hair – it is soft and luxurious, looks healthy and very natural. It is great to have everything done in one place: cut, color, hairpiece, extension. I used to have to drive all over town. I love the cut. I get compliments on my hair wherever I go. Without the hair I would be lost.
She is the best. Fina S.

I purchased an integration piece from Hair In Vogue – it looks totally natural, matches my hair, and is very comfortable – took ten years off me! I have had many pieces from different companies and this by far is the best! The staff takes a lot of pride in their work and it shows. Thank you Linda !!! Zen

I purchased a wig which is absolutely gorgeous. My boyfriend was stunned how natural it looks. The scalp looks totally real and the color is amazing. It is a darker color at the roots and transitions into golden silky hair. I like the way the hair moves when I turn my head and love the cut. Of course I like looking younger too! Ann H.